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Your events depend on getting the word out and the people in. ONELIVE is your ticket to a better box office.

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Venue Ticketing

Managed or self-serve box offices

We have developed a full suite of enterprise-grade software and hardware solutions to customize and manage every detail. If you prefer a managed approach, our ticketing specialists will use these tools (among others) to provide you with 360-degree management of your ticketing operations. If you would rather take a more hands-on approach, we will provide you the tools you need do it yourself. Whether your box office handles ticketing for a massive festival or a small bar, we can help you sell more tickets before your events and process tickets more efficiently at your events.

Social marketing

Our platform for online ticket sales features deeply-integrated shareability to promote viral marketing through highly-engaged customers.

Control your service fees

Never let a third party dictate what and how much in fees you’ll charge your customers again.

Artist Ticketing

Fully-managed ticketing

For artists, we manage every facet of ticketing in order to provide you with a brand-specific outlet to market your tickets. Our highly-targetable sales channels allow you to focus on your most engaged fans. Our in-depth reporting supplies you with invaluable analytics and fan demographics. Preserve ticket face value and take control service fees by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to your fans.


You know what your customers want. We help you sell it to them anywhere.

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Enterprise-level e-commerce solution

Our platform is trusted by some of the biggest brands in entertainment because we offer reliability, innovation, and results. With dedicated servers capable of handling millions of orders, an experienced staff providing dynamic customer service and support, and a proven infrastructure that is geared for volume distribution, there’s no client too big (or too small).

Customer experience

In developing our platform, we have fundamentally rethought the way people buy things online. Methodically, we have removed every unnecessary barrier standing between the customer and the completion of a purchase. The result is a frictionless process by which a customer can complete a checkout in as few as three clicks. Furthermore, we channel the momentum created by this streamlining into our tailored social media integrations. We shorten the distance between the impulse and the sale and generate secondary sales by making it easy for customers to share and discuss their purchases with those in their sphere of influence.

Unparalleled Reach

Our forward-thinking development means you can sell on any number of devices and platforms (e.g. our desktop/mobile-compatible webapp and Facebook Timeline widget), while our partnerships give you access to placements on eBay, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

Instant inventory

Our Print On-Demand service offers instant inventory and over 350 product templates to choose from, while eliminating startup costs, warehousing, inventory risk, and fulfillment expenses.

VIP Experience

Some people want it all. We help you create extraordinary experiences for those who settle for nothing less.

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Roll out the red carpet

Fans looking for unique ways to connect with the brands they love are willing to pay a premium, but they expect value. We work with you to create packages that can include any number of features. Airline travel, four-star hotel rooms, meet & greets, soundcheck access, preferred seating, Q&A sessions, exclusive merchandise; the only limits are your imagination and your fans' demand.

Velvet rope treatment -- it's not just for concerts

Our VIP packages can be customized not only for shows and festivals, but for races, conferences and even more unique settings such as television/movie shoots, studio sessions, etc.

Fan Clubs

Your fans are passionate individuals. We help you unite them into a vibrant community.

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Get people to rally around your brand

Our platform makes it possible for you to connect with the passionate core of people who care deeply about the things you do. By helping you provide them with unique content like behind-the-scenes photos/videos and exclusive access to ticket presales and limited edition merchandise, we deepen their affinity for your brand. By connecting them to each other through fan forums and social engagement, we build a community whose excitement will reverberate throughout the web whenever you make a move.

Control your data

Social media networks are no replacement for officially-sanctioned fan clubs. Aside from the revenues generated by membership subscriptions, our platform allows you to maintain control of the data your members choose to share with you. Unlike with Facebook, you won't have to worry about whether you've reached your fans, because we make sure that every piece of content reaches every fan every time without making your purchase a "Paid Promoted Post".

Live Recording

You put on an incredible show. We make it easy for fans to take it home to relive again and again.

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How it works

We create fully-customized, branded USB drives for you to sell to your fans at shows. Each night, just upload your tracked and indexed show from the front-of-house soundboard mix and post the live show instantly, making downloads of the concert available to fans with unique codes embedded on each of the USB drives. This provides fans an opportunity to have a limited edition, personally meaningful recording and provides you with a new revenue stream at marginal cost. Our system is the most profitable and cost-effective way to deliver instant live shows without the expense of additional personnel, travel, and bus space.

Web/Mobile Dev

You create incredible content. We showcase it with world-class design.

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Catch eyes. Turn heads.

Your brand and the online content you generate around it deserve a stunning web presence to spotlight them. Our designers work with you to hone a vision and style that will attract and engage users on any kind of device. All of this is built on a CMS that allows you to update and manage your content with little more knowledge than how to use a keyboard and a mouse.

Bleeding edge development

Our developers take pride in being versed in the very latest technologies and techniques shaping the web. Have an API, feed, or webhook that you want to use to augment your content? Getting development from a software company means you have access to a team of engineers equipped to handle even the most specialized integrations.

Social MGMT

You've built a great brand. We help you promote it amid the shifting tides of social media.

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Managed social media presence

You've got too much going on to keep up with all of the latest trends in social media. Our dedicated staff will take the guesswork out of creating brand awareness online. They apply a set of meticulously-researched and constantly-evolving best practices to the task of crafting and expanding your brand's presence on social media.

More than just 'shares' and 'likes'

Gone are the days of blindly posting content on the social media flavor of the week and hoping that you were hitting your target audience. Transcending any single network, our reporting tracks effectiveness and reach and can expose valuable information about who your customers are, what they're buying from you, and where you stand among your competitors.

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